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Prepare Him Room: An Intentional Advent Devotional

We all know the typical responses to that span of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though we know it’s a joyful time of twinkling lights and holiday cheer, it also brings in the feelings of rushed timelines, packed schedules, and being overwhelmed with the weight that you’ve forgotten to do something.

We spend so much time getting ready for the holiday of Christmas, but how much time do we spend actually preparing for Jesus?

We have a long list of prep work for the activities. We have many things on our calendar to get ready for. But how much time do we spend getting ourselves in the proper state of mind for the celebration of our King?

This devotional helps you to intentionally think through areas of your life of where you can take the focus off the craziness of the holiday and place it back on the wonder of the season. It will help you to meditate on your own daily preparations with scripture and reflective questions after each devotion. I welcome you to come along on this journey of seeking to be intentional with this Advent Season – to look at several areas of our life where we can Prepare Him Room.