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Book Overview

You were placed on this earth for a certain number of days. You know time is precious, and you do not want to waste it. You desire a life that has meaning and purpose. However, your day is filled with dishes, laundry, carpooling, the nine to five, texts to respond to, soccer practice, and bedtime routines. You say you want a life that matters, but how do you do that in the middle of … life? With so many areas of everyday life in maintenance mode, there isn’t a lot of growth or improvement. And it’s not because you don’t want it, but with the rush of life, it often gets set to the side for another day. When this becomes our existence, day after day, we will find that we have lived a series of months, even years, unintentionally. How can one stop the cycle of mindless living? How do we start to live each day intentionally? We start small. We look for purpose in the small moments of living and seek Jesus in the center of each of them.

Nichole J Suvar

Nichole J Suvar lives in Indiana with her husband Paul and their three children. She enjoys training for road races, discovering hiking paths, or curling up with a mystery novel.

Through years of struggling with anxiety, Nichole has found help and solace in focusing on small moments of intentional living in everyday life. She has found that even the struggle of anxiety can be a tool to help point us to our Savior and live a life that brings Him glory. Nichole shares her journey of striving to live an intentional life on her blog at